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Total listens: 2,279
Listens since last update: 611
Total votes: 267
Votes since last update: 56
Total Downloads: 213
Downloads since last update: 55
Thank you all very much! I know I have promised more songs, and I am still keeping that promise! I have recently acquired new music equipment that will further help the progress of my experiments! For me, these results are great to see, this is what motivates me! I'd have a shiny penny or two in my picket if these were iTunes results if you get what I'm sayin'... Haha...

Thanks again! The songs are coming... (Eventually)


2011-09-11 22:15:58 by Corrupted117

I'm still here.

Oh, I just found another old demo that I have no intention to revisit but still has the ingredients for ear candy... --> Enjoy. <--

I have been looking to expand my musical horizons lately, been leaning away from loops and stuff... Me and a buddy have a project we're working on, planning to do some recording sometime soon... Expect kick ass drums, guitars, and maybe even synths.

But during the wait, check out this ooolllddd demo of mine to keep you busy. --> Click Here For Super Awesome Demo <--

Enjoy. :D

As of right now...

2011-07-03 18:44:08 by Corrupted117

Out of ALL of my songs, as of right now there are...
1668 Total Listens
211 Total Votes
158 Total Downloads
I tried finding something I could try to be somewhat recognized for. First was youtube, then it was game making forums, and now its music. I started off making simple tracks with just loops that got no listens really... And I know compared to other people on newgrounds, these results are insignificant. BUT this has actually started taking a turn for the best and is what is keeping me wanting to make more and more music which will hopefully become better as I compose. For me, these results are great to see, so thank you to everyone who got me this far, I will try to push forward and release some new things soon. Thank you again.

New Stuff and Old Stuff

2011-04-23 17:08:45 by Corrupted117

Hello, I have been working on expanding my knowledge of creation on this site via flash, I have just started testing so yeah... Check this out - Flash Test - In other news I discovered an old demo I hadn't released until now, you can listen to Chains and Locks here.

I made an interactive madness story on this forum I go on, if your interested heres the link hp?topic=19925.0
It's still going on!


2011-03-21 17:09:50 by Corrupted117

Sorry for getting a bit of an annoying fan krinkels!


2011-03-16 20:47:56 by Corrupted117

Developing a song that hopefully Krinkels (and you guys) will enjoy...